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Miss Kelly Rick

Nora Dean - Barbwire (in his underpants)


"I want to be with you,
it is as simple,
and as complicated as that."

Charles Bukowski  (via thegirlwiththelittlecurl)


Trolling the Humans of New York.

This Guy is Pretending to be Behind Humans of New York



Believe when I tell you you feel this the next day, it huuuurts!

I’ve only started doing Tiffany’s workouts very recently but she’s easy to follow & her methods are effective. 

If you’re serious about getting fit STAY MOTIVATED, YOU CAN DO IT!

I just don’t know where I’m at or where I’m going. I don’t even know what to do to change this path, I’ve been so unhappy, I’ve been trying to stay positive and keep a smile on. Josh is great company and can be a lot of fun but when it comes to responsibility he has none. Our electricity bill is 2 weeks overdue. And he hasn’t paid rent in 3 weeks. I’ve been trying to keep up the house but sometimes Seems so fuckin pointless esp washing/folding laundry for someone who can’t even put it away. ugh I can go on and on just like a bitter old bitch would. it’s so hard living with other people sometimes. But when you have to take responsibility for someone else causes more problems. I don’t even ask him to do much anymore. I paid the fuckin gas bill and gym, I don’t even have a Job!!! I got him $200 worth of food that he probably expects me to cook for him. which sometimes I do if I have time or in a good mood but shit fuckin shit I’m starting to turn my sadness into anger. I’ve lost my temper a few times this week. What am I suppose to do? Fuck this housewife shit I want my life back :(

"Sometimes, in order to move on, you got to find a new addiction to get over another."

jenn satsune (via ohsatsune)

Finished his first pouch of baby food. Hims like sweet patatoes and bananas. Almost 5 months old 😍

Yesterday I discovered Tiffany Rothe videos and they are fun. I totally felt it today! My lil baby is so baby right now. I almost lost it today. I screamed and threw my shoes across the room. Hope I never lose my temper in front of him again. This was the second time. Gotta remember to breathe deep. He’s getting really spoiled and I’m not sure what to do. It’s getting to the point where Josh can’t even hold him because he starts screaming and reaching out for me. Today I got him to eat some banana. He wouldn’t try it inside. But I brought him outside and got him to suck on it for a few minutes. Gonna try again later. Breastfeeding is suppose to become easier once I’m not his main course anymore. Was thinking of supplementing a couple bottles a week but the pedi said it’s poison and will give him even more problems with acid reflux. It’s great being so important to him and I love our bond but FUCK I can’t wait to have my titties back!!!!


Rhye - The Fall

"what doesn't kill you, makes you stronger"