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Miss Kelly Rick


South Broad Street overpass - 1950s

From the City Archives


Shadows on the Teche in New Iberia - 1963

Photo from the Bureau of New Orleans News


keep this in mind

Feeling not bitter today :D

Atleast josh is here so I don’t slam my head into the wall. how can I stop thinking about life before getting knocked up? :/

"Apparently" This Kid is Awesome, Steals the Show During Interview

Deleted my last post, so typical me. pretty sure I just found black mold in our window unit. Maybe I can blame all our problems on that. Maybe it’s the cause of my anxiety, depression and lethargy. on a bright note My son is zoomin in his walker today. Past couple days have been decent. :) I wish I could give the world to my lil boy. when I was pregnant I used cry so hard with my negative bank account. So lucky for hand-me-downs..
Now I’m sad that I can’t provide a healthy home. I’m sad I also can’t provide a happy home. Sometimes I feel doomed or stuck. I almost took responsibility for my unhappiness and was trying to like myself again but then I found this black mold and everything is it’s fault. it’s reason I ate fruity pebbles too

damn I really need to make an effort to laugh and smile. Glad we have netflix now. I’m about to drink gallons of water so I don’t cheat on my diet again cause I’m emotional eater.

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Black Mold: Your Bathrooms Nemesis

my first love

"what doesn't kill you, makes you stronger"